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All this planes are in the Peruvian Airlines and Peruvian Airforce.

Lima Scenery V.1.0 Without Check.

Flotable Plane Cessna170

Hercules C-130

Boing 737-200 Continental Airlines

Boeing Aeroperu

Fokker 27

Fokker F28

Mirage 2000


Chopper Bell 222

Airplane Bonanza

Boeing 777-200 de Aero Peru

J31 Bimotor de Aero Peru

Boeing 777-200 de Faucett Peru

Boeing 737-200 de Faucett Peru

Chopper Antinarcotic Corp. BELL-huey

Mirage 2000

Macchi Training plane

Russian Chopper Mi-24

Russian Fighter "MIKOYAN MIG-29"

Russian Fighter "SUKHOI-22"